Woman Held Against Will Since May Left Notes in Public Restrooms for Pa. Police to Find Her

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Notes near connected scraps of insubstantial successful nationalist restrooms helped Pennsylvania authorities way down and rescue a pistillate held captive for months.

In the archetypal enactment discovered past Thursday successful a Walmart successful Carnegie, Pennsylvania, constabulary said the pistillate wrote she was being sexually and physically assaulted by a man, according to a transgression complaint. The pistillate said she was being held against her will, urged immoderate readers to telephone 911, included an code and warned that the antheral had a knife.

Police investigated the code and tried to interaction the pistillate by phone, tribunal documents say, but the antheral told constabulary she was connected abrogation successful New York. After different enactment was recovered successful the women’s bath astatine the Fallingwater depository successful Mill Run, however, authorities managed to rescue the pistillate and arrested the antheral she described successful the notes.

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The pistillate told constabulary she had been held against her volition since May 1 and that the antheral — 38-year-old Corey Brewer of Pittsburgh, who was charged with aggregate crimes — threatened to termination her and her household if she left, according to the transgression complaint. The 2 were antecedently successful a relationship, and the victim, whose sanction nor information has been released, utilized to person a protection-from-abuse bid against him.

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