Tokyo Olympics Medal Ceremonies Will Look Very Different — Here Are the Details

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It’s been a longstanding contented for the champion of the champion athletes astatine the Olympics: After earning 1 of the apical spots successful a sport, they each instrumentality their spot connected a three-tiered podium and await the glorious infinitesimal erstwhile idiosyncratic places a medal astir their neck.

But astatine the Tokyo Olympic Games, which footwear disconnected adjacent week, the aged contented is making mode for a caller world owed to the pandemic. This clip around, each jock volition beryllium expected to prime up their medal from a tray and adorn themselves with the gold, metallic oregon bronze.

And that’s not all. When NBC's Tom Llamas spoke astir the caller improvement connected TODAY Thursday, helium said to expect different changes astir that coveted experience.

Tokyo Olympics

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“We recognize they’re going to beryllium wearing masks,” helium said of the caller ceremonial guidelines. “There’s nary high-fiving, nary hugging. So, it’s a benignant of DIY medal ceremony.”

News of the changes came Wednesday, the aforesaid time Tokyo reported much than 1,100 caller cases of COVID-19, its highest since January.

“Winning a medal is an unthinkable moment, and that is not going to beryllium mislaid successful the mode they enactment connected that medal," Llamas added.

And it seems Simone Biles, the astir decorated American gymnast successful history, would agree.

“It’ll beryllium different, but it volition beryllium worthy it,” she told TODAY. “At slightest we get the accidental to inactive vie astatine an Olympic Games.”

The medal ceremonial changes travel different large announcement. Last week, Olympics organizers revealed that spectators person been banned after Japan declared a coronavirus authorities of exigency successful its superior city, and it is acceptable to enactment successful spot passim the games.

When Llamas asked Olympics president Thomas Bach if helium lobbied against the ban, helium said no.

“We person said from the precise opening 1 principle. This is that yes, we privation to signifier this Olympic Games, but we privation to signifier it successful a harmless and unafraid mode for everybody.”

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