Supercars icon's startling Bathurst admission

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Mention the Bathurst 1000 and contention successful the aforesaid sentence, and 1 contention comes instantly to mind. 1992.

Run successful immoderate of the astir appalling conditions seen astatine Mount Panorama, the time had everything.

The 1967 Formula 1 satellite champion, Denny Hulme, died connected Conrod Straight aft suffering a bosom onslaught astatine the instrumentality of his BMW, portion the Nissan GTR of Jim Richards and Mark Skaife was declared the winner, adjacent though the car was successful the partition astatine Forrest's Elbow erstwhile the contention was declared.

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Under reddish emblem rules, erstwhile a contention is stopped the results are taken from the past completed lap, handing the triumph to the Nissan pair.

Richards goes disconnected astatine assemblage astatine 1992 Bathurst 1000

That led to immoderate of the astir disgraceful scenes successful the agelong past of the race, erstwhile the crowd, galore of whom had been drinking for immoderate time, protested rowdily astatine the presumption that the Ford of Dick Johnson and John Bowe should beryllium declared the winner.

Johnson did small to calm the mob, suggesting that helium and Bowe were the morganatic winners.

"After I passed Jim up the elevation I thought we've got to beryllium fig one, surely," Johnson told his adoring fans connected the podium.

"Obviously you tin beryllium beaten by a crashed car."

Mark Skaife and Jim Richards connected the podium aft their 1992 Bathurst 1000 victory. (Graham Tidy/Fairfax)

Richards took objection to the crowd's response, unleashing a now-famous tirade connected the podium.

"I'm conscionable truly stunned for words. I can't judge the reception. I thought Australian contention fans had a batch much to spell than this," helium said.

"This is bloody disgraceful. I'll support racing, but I archer you what, this is going to stay with maine for a agelong time.

"You're a battalion of arseholes."

Speaking to Wide World of Sports astir his just-released autobiography, Best Seat successful the House, the antheral who finished 3rd that day, Neil Crompton, said it's a contention he'd similar to forget.

Neil Crompton astatine the 2021 Supercars play launch. (Getty)

"It was truthful emotional," helium said.

"I was lone conscionable reasoning astir it recently, due to the fact that I watched a doco connected McLaren which I watched due to the fact that Denny Hulme was successful it. I was a mate of Denny's, I inactive person this vivid representation of driving down Conrod Straight erstwhile the information car was retired and seeing Denny slumped successful the car.

"It was a truly pugnacious time due to the fact that 1 of our mates died. It's etched successful my brain, I privation it would spell away."

Crompton, who raced astatine Bathurst from 1988-2002, really had an vantage implicit overmuch of the tract that day, driving the 2nd Nissan with Swede Anders Olofsson.

That meant helium was down the instrumentality of the all-conquering GTR, nicknamed 'Godzilla', which was all-wheel drive, a peculiar vantage successful the wet.

Mark Skaife leads Jim Richards during the 1992 Australian Touring Car Championship circular astatine Winton. (Fairfax Media)

"It was horrible. Forget astir the information my car was all-wheel drive, that was a bully bonus," helium said.

"It was a rotten day, I deliberation I tin safely accidental it was the worst rainstorm we've had astatine a Bathurst 1000."

A precocious contention halt for caller pads had dropped Crompton and Olofsson from 2nd to third, ending the accidental for a squad 1-2.

But their 3rd spot decorativeness meant a archetypal sojourn to the Bathurst podium for Crompton, though it wasn't everything helium expected.

"When the podium happened, it was beauteous confronting to beryllium lasting determination successful beforehand of a oversea of radical yelling maltreatment astatine you, and doing truthful successful harmony," helium recalled.

"It wasn't a pleasant experience, I flipped them the vertebrate for their trouble!

'Nasty' clang ends Bathurst practice

"It was a battalion mentality, you don't instrumentality it personally. Half of them astir apt inactive travel to Supercars meetings.

"It was benignant of bittersweet, it's evidently peculiar to beryllium connected the podium astatine Bathurst, but thing but enjoyable successful those circumstances."

Despite the GTR being the people of the tract that twelvemonth - Skaife and Richards finished archetypal and 2nd successful the title - Crompton recovered it tricky to leap into the all-wheel thrust car, having antecedently been down the instrumentality of a Commodore.

"I recovered the GTR precise hard to drive, rather frankly," helium explained.

"It required a truly antithetic attack to get the astir retired of it. Clearly Mark and Jim were experts astatine it, and they'd mastered it. But it was a car that was unusual to drive, it bounced a lot, and the information it was all-wheel thrust changed the modular dynamics of however a racecar feels.

Former satellite champion Denny Hulme died of a bosom onslaught during the 1992 Bathurst 1000. (Fairfax Media)

"Anders and I went to Bathurst and it was scary, we were miles disconnected the pace. Skaifey and Richards thought it was hilarious, they'd conscionable person a brew and travel backmost the adjacent day.

"We yet got connected apical of it, but it conscionable wasn't an casual car to drive."

That was the last clip we saw the Nissan GTR astatine the Bathurst 1000, with the rules changed the pursuing twelvemonth to bring backmost the Commodore-Falcon rivalry.

It meant the GTR, on with the different 'Group A' cars were consigned to the museum.

"It's the car that killed what was past called Group A Touring Car racing, Nissan conscionable did excessively bully a occupation and cleanable bowled the Ford Sierra and BMW retired of the business," Crompton said.

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"Was it special? Absolutely. It's an iconic car, specified a beauteous happening that was truthful acold up of its time.

"I deliberation it would person been enjoyable to thrust if you were Mark oregon Jim, and you knew however to thrust it, but it's not astatine the crisp extremity of the database of cars that I loved."

Crompton returned to the Bathurst podium successful 1995, co-driving with 500cc motorcycle satellite champion Wayne Gardner. But the 1992 contention volition ever basal out, and not for the close reasons.

"There hasn't been thing similar that podium astatine Bathurst since, but the world is it was a miserable extremity to a miserable day," helium said.

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