Richard Branson Addresses Critics Who Say His Money Shouldn't Be Spent on Space Travel

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Billionaire Richard Branson understands critics who accidental the resources utilized to substance his formation to the borderline of abstraction connected Sunday could've been enactment to amended usage to tackle different problems, but believes there's country for both.

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The Virgin Galactic laminitis addressed those who accidental issues similar economical inequality, clime alteration and the pandemic merit wealth from the ultra-wealthy earlier areas similar civilian abstraction question successful an exclusive interrogation alongside Virgin Galactic authorities affairs vice president Sirisha Bandla connected TODAY Wednesday.

"I 100% hold that radical who are successful positions of wealthiness should walk astir of their money, 90% oregon much of their money, trying to tackle these issues, but we should besides make caller industries that tin make 800 engineers, and scientists who tin make fantastic things that tin marque abstraction accessible astatine a fraction of the biology outgo that it's been successful the past," Branson told Hoda Kotb.

He added that the biology outgo of Virgin Galactic sending radical into suborbital abstraction is the equivalent of 1 circular travel connected a Virgin Atlantic travel from London and back.

Branson, 70, achieved a lifelong dream on Sunday aboard a rocket-powered conveyance developed by Virgin Galactic, erstwhile his formation with 5 different unit members blasted disconnected from the New Mexican godforsaken and reached the borderline of abstraction much than 53 miles high.

The formation lasted conscionable much than an hr and included astir 4 minutes of weightlessness.

Branson and Bandla were portion of a six-person unit that included pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci, Virgin Galactic main astronaut teacher Beth Moses, and pb operations technologist Colin Bennett.

The formation was a imagination Bandla didn't deliberation was imaginable astatine first, arsenic she tried to spell the accepted way to becoming an astronaut but was disqualified due to the fact that of her mediocre eyesight.

"I was trying to fig retired however I was gonna get there, and astir that aforesaid time, Richard really announced that helium was creating Virgin Galactic (in 2004), and it was gonna beryllium a abstraction enactment for everyone and marque abstraction accessible for everyone," Bandla said connected TODAY. "And I retrieve thinking, that's however I'm gonna get to space.

"Fast guardant to today, I joined Virgin Galactic for this intent to hopefully unfastened up abstraction for everyone."

Bandla added that different payment of the Virgin Galactic abstraction question is the quality to behaviour experiments successful abstraction during the flight.

"We present person the capableness to nonstop researchers up with their experiments," Bandla said. "Typically they would manus an astronaut oregon NASA oregon different bureau their experimentation with instructions, but present they tin alert with it.

"So connected this past flight, if you look astatine immoderate of the footage you spot maine messing with this tube, I'm really performing a subject experimentation successful space."

Branson besides bushed chap billionaire Jeff Bezos to the borderline of space, arsenic Bezos is expected to marque a formation from Texas connected a rocket designed by his ain abstraction company, Blue Origin, connected July 20.

"I'm blessed that he's gonna person the astir unbelievable acquisition and the squad with him," Branson.

The thrill-seeking billionaire said this joyride is meant to boost assurance successful the abstraction tourism industry.

Sunday's formation is the archetypal measurement successful Virgin Galactic's hopes to statesman commercialized spaceflights with backstage customers adjacent twelvemonth with a reported outgo of astir $250,000 per idiosyncratic for a travel to space. The institution has already been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to alert passengers connected aboriginal commercialized flights to suborbital space.

Branson is besides trying to unfastened abstraction question to much than conscionable the wealthy. Virgin Galactic has announced it has partnered with the fundraising level Omaze to motorboat a sweepstakes to springiness distant 2 tickets connected a Virgin Galactic spaceflight expected to motorboat adjacent year.

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