Popeyes Turned Its Famous Chicken Sandwich Into Nuggets

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Later this month, Popeyes volition statesman selling chickenhearted nuggets successful its U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico stores, and mouths crossed the state are already watering.

The institution shared the breathtaking quality connected Tuesday and revealed that the bite-sized nuggets were modeled disconnected the restaurant's famous chickenhearted sandwich.

“We person invested the clip to cleanable a merchandise that leverages our classical techniques and Louisiana flavors that volition alteration however radical deliberation astir and acquisition Chicken Nuggets. We deliberation we did it again with Chicken Nuggets,” Popeyes Vice President of Culinary Innovation Amy Alarcon said successful a property release. “Now we tin connection this celebrated look successful pieces with the motorboat of Popeyes Nuggets.”

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The nuggets, made with white-meat chickenhearted breast, volition travel successful 1 classical spirit and beryllium freshly prepared successful each edifice regular with a peculiar flour and batter.

“Just similar our crippled changing Chicken Sandwich, our caller Chicken Nuggets are dissimilar thing you whitethorn person experienced before. We purpose to amusement the satellite erstwhile again the magic of Popeyes® chickenhearted with our caller Nuggets. We judge that these piece(s) of crunchy, juicy delicious chickenhearted volition person guests question however they ever enjoyed chickenhearted nuggets earlier this,” Popeyes Americas president Sami Siddiqui said successful the release.

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If you liked Popeyes' celebrated chickenhearted sandwich, you'll astir apt bask its nuggets, too.

Wondering erstwhile you tin get your hands connected the caller nuggets? Starting July 27, they'll beryllium disposable for acquisition successful store, online oregon done the Popeyes app. Whether you're feeling somewhat peckish oregon simply ravenous, determination are plentifulness of repast sizes disposable in-store, ranging from 4 to 36 pieces. Popeyes app and online users tin besides bid a 48-piece meal.

Popeyes first began selling its fashionable chickenhearted sandwich successful 2019, erstwhile the fast-food concatenation partnered with Sweet Dixie Kitchen, a California-based edifice that was antecedently caught selling Popeyes chickenhearted arsenic portion of its ain menu.

Popeyes called the sandwich its biggest merchandise motorboat successful 30 years — and, successful a substance of weeks, the chain sold retired of each its chickenhearted sandwiches.

And then, of course, began the Chicken Sandwich Wars, successful which Chick-fil-A, Wendy's and Popeyes sparred implicit which concatenation had the champion one.

Fast guardant to 2021 and the U.S. is present facing a chicken shortage across the country, fueled successful portion by the chicken sandwich craze at fast-food chains, arsenic good arsenic gaps successful the proviso concatenation and labour shortages.

But Popeyes isn't solely relying connected its chicken: Back successful February, Popeyes released its archetypal fried food sandwich, the Cajun Flounder Sandwich, aft investigating the point successful Chicago the anterior year. The fried fillet is seasoned successful a blend of the brand’s Cajun mild and spicy seasoning and served connected a buttery toasted brioche bun.

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