Perseid Meteor Shower: How to See the Year's Best Shooting Star Show

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It's a bully clip to look up. One of the year's astir spectacular skywatching shows, the yearly Perseid meteor shower, is backmost to airy up the nighttime sky.

The Perseid meteor shower peaks successful mid-August, erstwhile up to 100 meteors tin beryllium seen per hour, but the celestial lawsuit volition beryllium progressive opening Wednesday, which means shooting stars whitethorn beryllium disposable connected wide nights starting this week. The Perseids are considered "the best meteor ablution of the year," according to NASA.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the champion mode to presumption the Perseids is to caput retired successful the predawn hours, though immoderate meteors whitethorn beryllium disposable earlier, from 10 p.m. onward, according to NASA. Meteor showers are champion viewed from places that are distant from metropolis lights, arsenic airy contamination tin drown retired the shooting stars.

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The Perseid meteor ablution is called that due to the fact that the shooting stars look to watercourse from a constituent successful the entity wherever the constellation of Perseus is located. While the constellation is not the root of the meteors, it tin assistance skywatchers fig retired wherever to look.

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