On Farewell Visit to US, Germany's Angela Merkel Brings Message of Stability

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President Joe Biden welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the White House for what is apt to beryllium her past authoritative sojourn and 1 to which she's bringing a container afloat of issues and an overarching connection for Berlin's adjacent ally: You've got a friend.

The seasoned German person is expected Thursday to sermon the coronavirus pandemic, the emergence of China and a Russian state pipeline that Washington opposes. She volition conscionable with Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and different elder U.S. officials.

“In part, this is simply a farewell visit. In part, she is signaling continuity and stableness successful the German-U.S. relationship,” said Johannes Thimm, a elder chap astatine the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, a deliberation vessel successful Berlin.

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After 16 years of dealing with Merkel, galore officials successful Washington and elsewhere are wondering what people Germany mightiness instrumentality aft the adjacent election. The longtime chancellor — who has dealt with 4 U.S. presidents successful her clip — volition question to reassure them that determination won’t beryllium a immense shift, Thimm said.

Merkel's enactment is starring successful polls up of Germany's Sept. 26 election, but the environmentalist Greens and the center-left Social Democrats are besides vying to pb a aboriginal government. While the 3 parties disagree successful galore argumentation areas, each are committed to a beardown trans-Atlantic relationship.

One sour enactment that preceded and outlasted the Trump epoch of diplomatic discord with Washington has been the thorny contented of a caller pipeline taking earthy state from Russia to Germany.

The United States has agelong argued that the Nord Stream 2 task threatens European vigor information and harms allies successful Eastern Europe. But Biden precocious waived looming sanctions against German entities progressive successful the project. The determination angered galore Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

Biden is expected to rise his concerns astir the pipeline task erstwhile the 2 leaders talk privately, but the White House was not anticipating immoderate benignant of ceremonial announcement to travel retired of the leaders' talk, according to a elder Biden medication authoritative who briefed reporters up of the chancellor's visit.

Merkel sought this week to dampen expectations for an imminent breakthrough, but she is apt to privation to resoluteness the contented earlier leaving office. “It weighs connected German-U.S. relations and German-EU relations,” Thimm said.

While German officials person been unusually coy astir which topics volition beryllium discussed during the trip, Merkel's spokesperson confirmed Wednesday that China volition travel up.

“That tin beryllium said with comparative certainty,” Steffen Seibert told reporters. “This besides played an important relation astatine the G-7 summit, wherever the chancellor and the American president past met.”

Germany has beardown commercialized ties with China but has besides been captious of Beijing's quality rights record. Merkel is keen to debar a concern successful which Germany, oregon the European Union, mightiness beryllium forced to take sides betwixt China and the United States.

Merkel has insisted connected the request to cooperate with China connected planetary issues specified arsenic combating clime alteration and tackling the coronavirus pandemic, adjacent portion Biden's predecessor Donald Trump was accusing Beijing of having started it.

The humanitarian radical Doctors Without Borders urged Biden connected Wednesday to thin connected Merkel to driblet her absorption to proposals for suspending vaccine patents. Merkel, a trained scientist, has argued that lifting the patents wouldn't beryllium effectual and could harm aboriginal probe and improvement efforts.

Ahead of her visit, a radical of Democratic lawmakers this week called connected Germany to driblet its “blockade” of a COVID-19-related waiver of intelligence spot rights nether planetary commercialized rules. Such a waiver, the lawmakers argued, would assistance standard accumulation of effectual vaccines astir the world.

The Biden medication has expressed enactment for the waiver being discussed astatine the World Trade Organization, but White House officials bash not expect differences being resolved during Merkel's visit.

And portion determination are points of tension, Biden seems anxious to connection Merkel a due farewell. Harris volition big Merkel for a moving meal astatine her residence connected the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory. After day meetings with Biden and his squad astatine the White House and a associated quality conference, the president plans to big a tiny meal successful grant of Merkel and her husband, chemist Joachim Sauer.

Merkel volition besides person an honorary doctorate, her 18th, from Johns Hopkins University and is scheduled to talk astatine the university’s School of Advanced International Studies.

Merkel's travel whitethorn not beryllium her last, either. The 66-year-old said that increasing up successful East Germany she dreamed of being capable to question to America connected her retirement, erstwhile the communist bloc tended to unbend immoderate of the restrictions connected its citizens.

So far, Merkel has announced nary plans for her clip aft office.

Jordans reported from Berlin.

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