Lego Tells US Company to Stop Making Guns Look Like Its Toys

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Danish toymaker Lego said Wednesday it had asked a Utah-based weapon institution to halt producing a merchandise that makes a pistol look similar it is covered with the celebrated multi-colored gathering brick.

“We person contacted the institution and they person agreed to region the merchandise from their website and not marque oregon merchantability thing similar this successful the future,” Lego said successful a little statement.

The plan creates a customized semi-automatic Glock limb that has a beardown resemblance to a Lego toy.

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On its Instagram account, Provo-based Culper Precision said had made the Block 19 “to make an accidental to speech astir the enjoyment of the shooting sports and the joyousness that tin lone beryllium recovered successful marksmanship signifier and training.”

“We present astatine Culper Precision are grateful for the attraction that Block19 is presently getting crossed the globe,” they said. They besides insisted radical person the close to customize their property, but besides noted that liable weapon owners instrumentality measures to unafraid their firearms.

The institution did not instantly instrumentality messages seeking further comment. The merchandise leafage for the Block19 had been taken down arsenic of Wednesday.

Shannon Watts, laminitis of the gun-control radical Moms Demand Action, drew attraction to the merchandise connected Twitter past week, and connected Wednesday called the it “a look for disaster.”

“We person already seen tragedies hap erstwhile unsecured firearms are astir children and they don’t look similar toys," she said successful a statement. Unintentional shooting deaths by children of themselves oregon others roseate much than 30% betwixt March and December of 2020 arsenic compared to the aforesaid clip framework the twelvemonth before, the group's probe found.

That summation comes during a record-breaking surge successful U.S. weapon income that began arsenic the coronavirus pandemic took clasp past year. Gun rights are politically important successful blimpish states specified arsenic Utah, which joined respective different states successful loosening weapon laws this twelvemonth by rolling backmost requirements for radical to get permits to transportation guns successful public.

Lego was founded successful 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. The sanction is derived from the 2 Danish words LEg GOdt, which mean “Play Well.”

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