Korean War Vet, Formerly MIA, Returned to Texas Ahead of Burial

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More than 70 years aft helium was killed successful combat during the Korean War, a Texas worker volition yet instrumentality to his location authorities Wednesday, en way to his last resting crushed astatine Arlington National Cemetery.

Major Harvey Storms, of McAllen, was 34 years aged connected Dec. 1, 1950, erstwhile helium was changeable astatine slightest 10 times successful a firefight astatine the Chosin Reservoir, wherever American work members were outnumbered by an estimated 120,000 Chinese soldiers. Storms led an onslaught connected a Chinese position, and contempt being mortally wounded helium continued directing his soldiers successful the battle. Official records amusement that Storms was past seen being placed into a subject motortruck with different wounded soldiers.

Storms’ remains were unrecovered for 69 years, until aft the 2018 acme betwixt President Donald Trump and North Korean person Kim Jong-Un. The North Koreans turned implicit 55 boxes to the United States that contained what were believed to beryllium the remains of American work members killed successful combat successful the Korean War. One of Storms’ 4 sons was capable to supply a DNA sample, which allowed for a lucifer to beryllium made.

An grant defender of North Texas Korean War veterans and supporters arrived astatine Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport earlier 4 a.m. Wednesday successful bid to greet the American Airlines formation from Honolulu that was carrying Storms’ remains.

“We're thankful that he's travel home,” said AJ Key, an Air Force seasoned and President of the section section of the Korean War Veterans of America. “But we besides privation to punctual radical that it was hateful for him to person been missing for this long. We didn't get the practice that was needed to get these guys back.”


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Among those who arrived aboriginal to invited Storms’ remains was Lt. General Richard Carey, of Grand Prairie, who commanded United States Marines during the conflict astatine Chosin Reservoir.

“I person to grant the warriors who were there, each and each 1 of them gave their each due to the fact that it was a tough, pugnacious fight,” Carey said.

The remains of Storms volition beryllium removed from a ample crate that volition beryllium flown from Honolulu to DFW. The remains volition past beryllium placed into a flag-draped coffin and flown connected to the Washington area, wherever Storms volition yet beryllium laid to rest.

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