John Eastman Pleads The Fifth As Trump Coup Plotters Admit Criminality

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John Eastman has notified the 1/6 Committee that helium volition plead the Fifth due to the fact that helium is acrophobic his answers volition pb to a transgression probe of him.

Eastman’s lawyer wrote to 1/6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson:

I americium penning to you successful effect to the November 5 subpoena to my lawsuit John Eastman, requesting grounds and accumulation of documents. Dr. Eastman hereby asserts his Fifth Amendment close not to beryllium a witnesser against himself successful effect to your subpoena. As explained below, Dr. Eastman has faced suggestions from aggregate sources that helium should beryllium criminally investigated for his work arsenic an advisor to erstwhile President Trump.

Members of this precise Committee person openly spoken of making transgression referrals to the Department of Justice and described the Committee successful presumption of determining guilt oregon innocence.’ Dr. Eastman has a much than tenable fearfulness that immoderate statements helium makes pursuant to this subpoena volition beryllium utilized successful an effort to equine a transgression probe against him.

Eastman has gone from everything was ineligible and good to I don’t privation to beryllium criminally investigated, truthful I americium taking the Fifth.

The mechanics who engineered the coup plot, which is thing that Donald Trump is not astute capable to do, are being exposed. Eastman, Clark, and the different planners knew that they were breaking the law.

They were consenting to bash truthful to support Trump successful power.

John Eastman tin plead the Fifth, but helium has outed himself arsenic an force of ideology successful the United States.

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