How to Write an Event Press Release

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Writing an event press release is the best way to attract media attention for your event. Whether you're promoting a fundraiser or an upcoming conference, press releases are a great way to get people interested in what you have to say. They can also be used as part of your marketing strategy; if someone likes what they read about your event, they'll want more details from you (and maybe even attend!).

Write the dateline

  • Write the dateline. The first sentence of your press release should include the date, time and location of your event. This information can be found on any event website or in its own section on a separate page—just make sure it is included in at least one place before you send out anything other than an invitation to attend.
  • Use past tense verbs like "held" instead of present tense verbs such as "attend." For example: We held our annual conference at our headquarters this year; instead of saying we have been holding our annual conference at our headquarters this year (or even worse: We will now hold our annual conferences at our headquarters).
  • Avoid using too many modifiers (like 'literally,' 'incredibly,' etc.). You don't need them!

Name your event

Before you start writing, it's important to think about the name of your event. This will be used in conjunction with all other information in the press release after event and could also be part of a longer bio on your company website or social media profiles.

The easiest way to come up with an event name is by using words that describe what you're doing. For example, if you're hosting an annual holiday party for employees and customers, then consider naming it "Employee Appreciation Party." If your company organizes an educational seminar series for nonprofit groups around town, perhaps it would make sense to call these events "Nonprofit Education Series."

When naming events that aren't already taken by someone else (i.e., a sports game), avoid using acronyms or abbreviations unless they have been established as official terms within your industry—especially if those terms are exclusive! Avoid using the word “annual” though; this can confuse readers because many companies use this term incorrectly when referring to their own annual events instead of theirs specifically

Write a summary paragraph

After you've finished your introduction, it's time to move onto the event edition of your press release.

The first thing that you should do is to write a summary paragraph. This is where you'll summarize the event press releases in brief terms and include all of its important details. Include what people will learn or get out of attending, as well as any other information that might be useful for readers who are interested in learning more about it (such as where they can find more information).

Write about your event's host or hosts

  • Write about your event's host or hosts. This is a great place to include information about their history in the industry and why they are qualified to be the main attraction at your event.
  • If you have multiple hosts, make sure that each one has their own paragraph with an extended bio (i.e., "The XYZ Company is excited to announce that they've hired Dr. XYZ as their new CEO").

Write about the history of the event or its importance

  • Write about the history of the event or its importance.
  • Why is this particular event important to your community, city, state and country?
  • What makes it unique? How does it make a difference in people's lives?

Give event details

Event press releases that are open to the public should be listed on your event press release. If you're planning a private event, such as an expo or conference, then it's important to include details about the location and date of your event. You should also include information about when registration will open up and how much it costs so that people can budget their time accordingly.

In addition to giving details about what happens at an upcoming event, you'll want to give some insight into why people should attend said event—and what they can expect from being there. This can be done through quotes from speakers or presenters who will be speaking at your next big thing (or things), which would ideally show off not only their expertise but also their personality as well! It's also good practice for any journalist who may interview them about their experience with attending said thingy-thingie; don't forget about this step either!

Provide contact information

  • The event organizer’s name and contact information.
  • The event's date, time and location.
  • A brief description of what you plan to cover in your article or story (e.g., “Event organizers say they will be providing relief supplies during this weekend’s storm season.").

Writing a press release with a strong call to action and your most intriguing data is the greatest method to draw in readers

The best way to attract an audience is to write a compelling press release that includes your most interesting facts and a strong call to action.

The headline of your press release events should be attention-grabbing, so use adjectives like “surprising” or “shocking” in order to grab people's attention. Make sure it includes the date, time and location where you are holding this event—this will help inform potential attendees on when they can expect you at their local venue (if they might want tickets). Include photos or videos that show off some of the things going on at your event so people know what they're getting into before purchasing tickets themselves!

A good rule of thumb when writing headlines is not just putting all caps on words but also using some sort of puns/jokes related with what exactly happened during past events held by other businesses where similar topics were discussed as well as possible future ones too...


The most important thing to remember about writing a press release on event is that it’s not all about you. You need to focus on what your audience wants. The best way to do this is by writing a compelling press release with facts and quotes from other people who can speak on behalf of your event or company.

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