House Democrats Delivered For The American People With 12 Important Bills Signed Into Law In 2021

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Beyond the bipartisan infrastructure measure and the American Rescue Plan, House Democrats passed 10 much large pieces of authorities that became law.

Here Is The Entire List Of Major Legislation That The House Passed That Became Law

The bureau of Majority Leader Steny Hoyer provided the database to PoliticusUSA:


The American Rescue Plan, which passed the House connected March 10, and was signed into instrumentality connected March 11, is simply a transformative bundle to assistance extremity the COVID-19 pandemic and reconstruct the economy. This legislation, passed by House Democrats, has provided nonstop assistance to families, invested successful vaccine distribution, ensured schools person the resources to resume in-person learning safely, and gave captious enactment to tiny businesses.

  • Shots successful Arms: The American Rescue Plan provided $20 cardinal for the improvement and organisation of vaccines, including $7.5 cardinal successful CDC backing to code radical disparities and guarantee vaccines are reaching each community, including communities of colour deed hardest by the pandemic. Today, more than 204 cardinal Americans person been vaccinated against COVID-19, and efforts proceed to get much shots successful arms each day.
  • People successful Jobs: The American Rescue Plan invested successful important tools to assistance tiny businesses reopen safely including the Paycheck Protection Programthe Restaurant Revitalization Fund, EIDL grants, and $350 cardinal successful captious assistance to support frontline workers specified arsenic teachers, instrumentality enforcement, and wellness attraction workers connected the job. Today, much than 6 cardinal jobs person been created since the commencement of the 117th Congress. 


The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which passed the House connected November 5 and was signed into instrumentality by President Biden connected November 15, is simply a transformative infrastructure bundle that volition interaction Americans successful communities across the country and takes enactment to repair our nation’s infrastructure portion creating nearly 2 cardinal jobs annually implicit the adjacent decade.

  • Repairing our Nation’s Infrastructure: This instrumentality reauthorizes aboveground proscription programs and funds $110 billion in further roadworthy and span repairs crossed the country, the azygous largest concern successful our aboveground proscription since the operation of the interstate road system.
  • Advancing Clean Energy Goals and Investing successful Climate Resilience: The infrastructure instrumentality contains the first large American concern successful clime resilience to assistance communities upgrade their captious infrastructure and mitigate the interaction of clime change-driven utmost weather. It besides advances America’s cleanable vigor goals by researching cleanable vigor and transmission portion promoting electrical conveyance adoption to trim American dependence connected gasoline.
  • Promoting Equity and Justice: The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act makes equitable investments which code long-ignored disparities that harm our system by preventing underserved communities from reaching their afloat economical imaginable and negatively impacting the wellness and economical opportunities of those communities’ residents. These see expanding entree to broadband for 42 cardinal Americans who presently deficiency reliable Internet access, backing our h2o infrastructure to guarantee Americans person cleanable drinking water, addressing bequest pollution, and expanding reliable nationalist transit to underserved communities.


In summation to the American Rescue Plan, the House has seen galore bills signed into instrumentality that bespeak a wide acceptable of priorities for the American people. Below are immoderate of the highlights:

H.R. 1799, the Paycheck Protection Program Extension Act
Passed the House 3/16, signed into instrumentality 3/30

This authorities extended the Paycheck Protection Program exertion deadline for 2 months done May 31, 2021 to assistance struggling businesses support workers employed during COVID-19.

H.R. 1276, the SAVE LIVES Act
Passed the House 3/9, signed into instrumentality 3/24

This instrumentality ensured that much veterans, their families, and caregivers got entree to COVID-19 vaccines successful a timely manner.

S. 937, the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act
Passed the House 5/18, signed into instrumentality 5/20

This instrumentality addresses the melodramatic summation successful hatred crimes targeting the AAPI assemblage since the commencement of the pandemic. This instrumentality designates a constituent idiosyncratic astatine the Department of Justice to reappraisal hatred crimes related to the COVID-19 pandemic, bolsters authorities and section governments to amended their reporting of hatred crimes, and ensures that hatred transgression accusation is much accessible to Asian-American communities.

S. 475, the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act
Passed the House 6/17, signed into instrumentality 6/18

This instrumentality established the archetypal national vacation successful 38 years to formally admit Juneteenth National Independence Day and commemorate the extremity of slavery successful the United States.

H.R 3237, the Emergency Security Supplemental to Respond to 1/6 Appropriations Act
Passed the House 5/20, signed into instrumentality 7/30

This measure provides backing to unafraid the U.S. Capitol Complex and guarantee the brave men and women of the U.S. Capitol Police person the resources they request to bash their jobs. The authorities responds to the nonstop costs incurred by the National Guard and DC constabulary connected January 6 and includes  to amended the information of windows and doors successful the Capitol complex, and secures funds to amended Capitol Police grooming and equipment.

S. 610, the Protecting Medicare and American Farmers from Sequester Cuts Act
Passed the House 12/7, signed into instrumentality 12/10

This instrumentality prevents terrible end-of-year cuts to Medicare and implements a process for addressing the indebtedness limit, avoiding America from defaulting connected its afloat religion and credit.

S. 1605, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022
Passed the House 12/7, signed into instrumentality 12/27

This measure reauthorizes captious defence programs for Fiscal Year 2022, providing our subject with the tools it needs to transportation retired missions safely and effectively. The legislation, passed by a bipartisan vote, reflects statement astir advancing America’s strategical defence interests to support our federation safe.

Three Congressional Review Act resolutions person been signed into law, overturning unsafe rules enactment successful spot by the Trump Administration:

S.J. Res 13, a CRA overturning an EEOC regularisation to code favoritism successful the workplace
Passed the House 6/24, signed into instrumentality 6/30S.J.Res.14, a CRA addressing unsafe methane emissions
Passed the House 6/25, signed into instrumentality 6/30

S.J.Res.15, a CRA to support against predatory lenders
Passed the House 6/24, signed into instrumentality 6/30

House Democrats Spent 2021 Delivering For The American People

House Democrats averaged astir 1 important portion of authorities that became instrumentality each month.

Democrats were the other of a do-nothing Congress. They were a ne'er halt doing Congress.

Democrats successful the House passed galore different large pieces of authorities connected issues similar weapon reform, voting rights, and Build Back Better that are stuck successful the Senate.

House Democrats did a batch successful 2021, but they could bash adjacent much if Senate Democrats would perceive to the precocious Harry Reid and get escaped of the filibuster.

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