Griddy Customers With Outstanding Bills Owe Nothing, Texas Attorney General Says

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Griddy customers inactive facing outstanding electrical bills aft February's devastating wintertime tempest present beryllium nothing, according to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's office.

The lawyer wide said successful a connection Monday that his bureau had finalized a bankruptcy colony with Griddy Energy and that customers were being released from outstanding balances owed unless they elected to opt-out of their release.

Former customers who already made payments connected their relationship pursuing the February wintertime tempest tin marque a assertion successful bankruptcy tribunal to retrieve what they paid for electricity.

Griddy charged customers wholesale energy prices for a no-contract level complaint of $9.99 per month. When the upwind is bully and request is low, energy tin beryllium inexpensive for those paying lone wholesale prices. But, if the upwind turns and request goes up, truthful does the price.

In a past report, Susan Hosford of Denison said connected a emblematic February time she paid Griddy little than $2.50 for power. But the one-day outgo spiked to hundreds of dollars aft the storm. In all, she was automatically charged $1,346.17 for the archetypal 2 weeks of February. One antheral successful Royce City said his recognition card, tied to his Griddy account, was automatically charged astir $18,000 to powerfulness his 3,000-square-foot location for portion of February.

As the tempest approached, Griddy warned customers, urging them to find different supplier and get connected a fixed-rate plan. When energy prices changeable up during the storm, the wholesale costs were passed onto customers. According to Griddy’s bankruptcy filing successful March, it owed ERCOT conscionable implicit $29 million.

Griddy published a connection that period saying, successful part, that Griddy did not nett from the wintertime storm.

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Paxton said successful a connection Monday that aft the wintertime tempest his bureau "engaged successful bully religion negotiations with Griddy Energy to supply immoderate relief" and that helium was pleased with the effect of those negotiations.

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