Former champ slams polarising Formula 1 move

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Four-time Formula 1 satellite champion Sebastian Vettel has taken objection to the governing body's determination to determination to a grounds 23 races successful 2022.

The Aston Martin operator has pointed retired the imaginable interaction of the summation from 22 grands prix to 23 connected fans and staff, portion adding "life doesn't beryllium to the employer".

Vettel has made his views wide aft Formula 1 unveiled the 2022 calendar past week, with the satellite title acceptable to statesman successful Bahrain connected March 20 and reason successful Abu Dhabi connected November 20.

"This is lone my opinion, and it's not worthy anything, but I deliberation we should not person that galore races," Vettel said.

Aston Martin's Sebastian Vettel has taken objection to Formula 1's summation from 22 races to 23 for the 2022 satellite championship. (Getty)

"I deliberation (for) one, possibly it's excessively galore races for the radical to watch. It's not peculiar anymore if there's that many.

"And (secondly), I consciousness for (the staff). Us drivers – we are astatine the bully broadside of things: we tin get connected a Wednesday nighttime and permission if we find a flight, etcetera, connected a Sunday night.

"But the squad already has a batch much stress. They arrived Monday oregon Saturday the week before, they physique the garage, hole the cars and past besides they person to tally the afloat week and past battalion down, nonstop everything backmost and hole backmost successful the factory.

"For them, it's a occupation that you're engaged each weekdays and astir each weekend, truthful you person nary clip for yourself. And I deliberation we are successful a clip wherever radical are increasing much and much conscious that they person a life, too, and that the beingness doesn't beryllium to the employer."

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The 2022 satellite title volition tally implicit a shorter span of clip contempt the summation successful races.

Four-time Formula 1 satellite champion Sebastian Vettel disagrees with the summation to 23 races for the 2022 satellite championship. (Getty)

Formula 1 has committed to the earliest decorativeness to a play since 2010 to debar a crossover with the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The crammed docket has besides forced Formula 1 to summation the despised triple headers from 2 to three.

"I'm not successful complaint and evidently there's immoderate different interests, but it's conscionable making definite that radical person a equilibrium betwixt their beingness astatine location and the clip spent away," Vettel said.

"I deliberation it should beryllium a fig of races that is sustainable for keeping your passionateness for galore years and not being, you know, sucked retired aft 2 oregon 3 years."

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