FAA Orders Inspections of All Boeing 737 Cabin Pressure Sensors After Switch Failures

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Federal regulators volition necessitate much predominant investigating of switches connected Boeing 737s that trigger warnings to pilots astir a unsafe nonaccomplishment of compartment pressure.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it acted aft receiving reports of recently installed switches failing.

There are 2 switches connected each Boeing 737, and if some neglect astatine the aforesaid clip unsuspecting pilots could walk retired from deficiency of oxygen, the FAA said successful a regularisation posted Thursday.

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The FAA said its bid affects 2,502 planes registered successful the U.S. Chicago-based Boeing said it supports the move.

The bid directs operators of the level to trial and, if necessary, regenerate parts called compartment altitude unit switches each 2,000 formation hours alternatively of the existent 6,000-hour interval.

Boeing initially believed that the switches — which are provided by a supplier that Boeing declined to place — would neglect precise rarely. However, the FAA said that further probe caused the bureau and Boeing to determine 2 months agone “that the nonaccomplishment complaint of some switches is overmuch higher than initially estimated, and truthful does airs a information issue.”

The FAA said it doesn't cognize wherefore the switches failed. Boeing said it is moving with the FAA and the power supplier to hole the problem.

Federal rules necessitate each hose planes to see a strategy that warns crews astir depressurization. The unit switches connected Boeing 737s are designed to observe debased unit and trigger audible and disposable warnings to pilots.

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