'Crazy' Irish goalkeeper attacks own teammate

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A bizarre country successful the Irish shot league has seen a goalkeeper fixed a reddish paper for attacking his ain teammate aft conceding a goal.

The incidental occurred during Glentoran's clash against Coleraine erstwhile Cathair Friel scored an equaliser successful the 80th minute.

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As the subordinate wheeled distant successful celebration, Glentoran goalkeepr Aaron McCarey was near irate, instantly heading towards teammate Bobby Burns earlier knocking him to the ground.

McCarey past dragged Burns up by his jumper arsenic the brace were separated by teammates, earlier helium was fixed a reddish paper by the referee.

Glentoran large Paul Leeman was connected commentary for BBC was near stunned by McCarey's actions.

McCarey could beryllium seen attacking his teammate Burns portion the referee had his backmost turned pursuing the equaliser (Nine)

"I've ne'er seen thing similar it, it's a infinitesimal of madness," helium said.

"It's madness from the goalkeeper. Yes, helium possibly has a occupation with Bobby Burns' portion successful the build-up but you conscionable can't bash that.

"That's conscionable madness. It's crazy.

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"I saw it erstwhile it happened and I couldn't judge it. The players weren't blessed erstwhile helium did that."

However, aft the match, Glentoran manager Mick McDermott attempted to downplay the incident, saying determination was nary unrest successful the dressing room.

"Is determination occupation successful the dressing room? No, perfectly not," helium said.

Glentoran teammates checked connected Burns aft the clash arsenic the defender continued to laic connected the turf (Nine)

"The players are sitting successful there. Nobody falls out. They're each grown men. It's an incidental that shouldn't person happened and present we determination on.

"Two players got successful a row, it's happened before. It's not nice, they are some disappointed with it and we determination on.

"It's not a large incidental similar we've got 2 players warring successful the changing room. We don't person unrest successful the dressing room.

"The 2 players are sitting beside each different successful determination now, some guttered astir what happened, arsenic are we.

"I americium much acrophobic astir however we conceded the extremity earlier the incident."

McDermott added that Burns said determination had been nary interaction made to his look contempt the disfigured scenes connected the field.

"Aaron has travel into the dressing country and said helium shouldn't person done it, helium has held his manus up and Bobby Burns the same," the manager said.

"They're some gutted with what happened, truthful look, we'll woody with it.

"I spoke to Bobby and helium said helium didn't onslaught him successful the face. There was nary interaction with the face.

"Bobby confirmed successful the dressing room, I really brought him into my office, helium said determination was nary interaction with his look but erstwhile helium fell backmost helium deed his caput connected the writer and that was the reaction."

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