‘Aerial Stocking': Viral Video Shows Clouds of Fish Falling From Plane Into Utah Lakes

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It’s not a bird, it’s not conscionable a plane and it’s definitely not Superman — it’s flying fish?

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources replenished high-elevation lakes successful the authorities by dropping tiny food from low-flying planes into the h2o below.

Video footage shared connected the agency's Facebook leafage shows a Cessna 185 Skywagon plane, which holds hundreds of pounds of h2o and tin driblet 35,000 food successful a azygous flight, releasing a unreality of fish in bursts crossed the state’s lakes. These "fingerlings" are 1 to three-inches long, "so they flutter down dilatory to the water," the UDW said.

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Because these lakes are inaccessible by vehicle, the section restocks the food colonisation done "aerial stocking." The food included rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, tiger trout, splake and Arctic grayling.

Small airplanes person been a fashionable conveyance for stocking lakes with food since the 1950s, when getting to backcountry lakes made maintaining proper oxygen levels difficult. Division biologist Matt McKell wrote that food are inactive transported contiguous with buckets and backpacks by foot, four-wheeler or adjacent horse.

While they’re not flying fish, the driblet doesn't harm them much, with officials estimating that 95%-99% survive.

"The aerial slows their driblet and they autumn a spot similar leaves. The slower autumn allows the food to survive. If the food were larger, the endurance complaint would not beryllium arsenic high. We marque definite to lone aerially banal food that scope from 1–3 inches long. Fish are much stressed erstwhile transported by crushed due to the fact that it is hard to support their required oxygen levels successful small, packable tanks for specified agelong distances. (Our high-mountain lakes are often galore miles from immoderate road)," the DWR said successful an FAQ astir the aerial food restocking.

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