4 US, UK Olympic Contractors Arrested in Japan for Alleged Drug Use

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Four U.S. and British men moving for a powerfulness institution contracted for the Olympics were arrested connected suspicion of utilizing cocaine, officials said Tuesday.

Tokyo metropolitan constabulary said the 4 men were arrested July 3-5 connected suspicion of utilizing cocaine successful Tokyo oregon adjacent areas successful usurpation of cause laws.

Tokyo-based Aggreko Events Services Japan, which provides electrical services to the Games, confirmed 4 employees were arrested and apologized for causing occupation for radical and Olympic officials. In its statement, the institution said it was cooperating with the probe and pledged to abide by the rules.

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NHK nationalist tv reported the 4 men entered Japan betwixt February and May and were surviving successful Tokyo.

They reportedly were drinking astatine a barroom successful Tokyo’s amusement territory of Roppongi, wherever 1 of them allegedly intruded into an flat complex, starring to constabulary questioning and arrests. The 4 men denied the constabulary allegations, but they tested affirmative for cocaine, NHK said.

The incidental took spot earlier a authorities of exigency took effect Monday successful Tokyo that chiefly attempts to curb nationalist intoxicant depletion during the Olympics. It asks bars and different specified venues to adjacent oregon not merchantability intoxicant for six weeks.

The Olympics statesman July 23.

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