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A student at a Dallas ISD middle school has tested positive for the new coronavirus.

 The student at J.L. Long Middle School, near the Junius Heights neighborhood in Old East Dallas, attended two classes Friday the morning before being sent home after seeing a nurse, principal Chandra Hooper-Barnett wrote in a letter to parents.

 The student, who had not been symptomatic before Friday, received a positive COVID-19 test result Monday night, Hooper-Barnett said. The student is at home and is doing well, she said.DISD spokeswoman Robyn Harris said calls have been made to families who needed to be informed of the student’s condition. For More Info Visit Dallas News

 Trustee Dustin Marshall, who represents the area that includes Long, wrote on Facebook that county and district officials were working to identify whom the child had contact with. He noted that the student did not have younger siblings.

 District officials Of Dallas News did not say what grade the child was in.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said the middle-schooler was not among the 28 cases Dallas Press Release Distribution Service County had reported as of Tuesday morning. He said that each morning, the county announces completed cases — those in which the patient has a positive test result and health officials have finished a trace interview of the patient. If the interview isn’t finished before the cut-off time each morning, it will be reported the following day, he said.

Jenkins declined to give the student’s age or gender, citing concerns over bullying.“We’ve all been in middle school, and we’ve all been bullied in middle school,” he said.He said he expects the virus will sicken many more young people.“In all likelihood, we’ve had many, many more people who’ve already had mild symptoms of this and have not been tested,” he said. “We’ve got have compassion for people in our community who get sick.” 

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