1/6 Defendant Begs For Leniency And Says Supporting Trump Was A Bad Decision

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In a missive to a judge, a 1/6 onslaught suspect said that helium made a bid of atrocious decisions, including supporting Trump.

Read the missive below:

"I made a bid of atrocious decisions…. including supporting Donald Trump"

A Jan 6 suspect who pleaded blameworthy to misdemeanor wrote this missive seeking leniency …. and a condemnation of probation ===> pic.twitter.com/GD7iv9l0gm

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) December 31, 2021

It would beryllium beyond bully if Trump supporters could travel to the realization that supporting Trump is simply a atrocious determination earlier they prosecute successful acts of home coercion portion attempting to destruct democracy.

The conception is not complicated. Following Donald Trump is the benignant of determination that could ruin oregon the lawsuit of the pandemic, outgo a idiosyncratic their life.

One wonders if defendants would beryllium having these come-to Jesus moments if they were not looking astatine the anticipation of being sent to jailhouse and having a transgression grounds for the remainder of their lives.

Donald Trump lone cares astir Donald Trump. He incited the insurrection past went backmost to the White House to ticker the carnage connected television.

Trump volition ne'er beryllium determination for them, and these radical threw their lives distant for a liar who doesn’t attraction if they unrecorded oregon die.

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